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12 WODs of Christmas Scoreboard

March 2, 2015

Great job to everyone wod completed 15.1. There is still time to register and submit scores, you have until 8pm monday night.
If you have not attempted it yet or would like to attempt it again we will be running 15.1 at the 5:30 pm class.

Skill. 15 min
Work on Ankle mobility
Watch this video
Accumulate 20 Pistols on each leg.


"The Groverine"
EMOTM for 20 minutes
4 rounds of the following:
1min amrap Double Unders (Scale: Attempts)
1min 20 wall balls (Scale: amrap)
1min amrap Double Unders
1min 20 wall balls
1 min rest
After 4 rounds complete max effort pull ups in 2 minutes
(A- Pull ups, B- Ring rows, C- Chest to bar)

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Next on-ramp starts on:

Monday March 16th

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Marc's journey has been amazing. It took a while for me to get him through the doors of CrossFit Religion(almost a year) and I was met with much reluctance. Marc started out in the beginner on ramp course where he wasn't able to finish the first wod. He had to stop half way and wasn't sure this was for him. I reassured him that if he continued, he would not only get results but end up loving CrossFit! He laughed and had some choice words for me to say the least! But he continued. Marc has been doing CrossFit for over a year now and loves it! He has lost over 40 pounds and has gained muscle and strength. We are so proud of you! We recently asked Marc some questions about his CrossFit experience. Check out the interview on our website at www.crossfitreligion.com Marc. We are lucky to have you as part of our CrossFit Religion family. You are awesome! Keep up the great work!